clear sticker labels
15 Feb
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There are plenty of choices in terms of materials to be used for product labels. It is entirely up to you to pick one that you think will look great…
07 Feb
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Ensuring a retail-ready label is like securing your spot on store shelves. You see, consumers discriminate products based on its appearance. They pick what looks attractive to them and ignore…
revamp label design
30 Jan
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Revamping the label design is not a new thing. In fact, many established companies have gone through major make overs throughout the years. Logically, the change is something for the…
printing labels
27 Jan
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Printing labels started way back 400 years ago where labels were imprinted/ pressed into hand-made paper using images that were cut in wood or metal. From the traditional hand presses,…
food grade labels
24 Jan
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Labeling of food items has a lot of factors to consider. The biggest concern is that the labels used have the potential to affect the quality of the item and…
trendy labels
18 Jan
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When you have already established your brand, there will come a time that you will be tempted to do a new twist in terms of branding and marketing. One of…
2019 label design trends
15 Jan
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2019 is almost here and what a better time to check if your labels are still up for the challenge of carrying your brand name. You see, labels are very…