Category: Labels 101

07 Feb
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Ensuring a retail-ready label is like securing your spot on store shelves. You see, consumers discriminate products based on its appearance. They pick what looks attractive to them and ignore…
food grade labels
24 Jan
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Labeling of food items has a lot of factors to consider. The biggest concern is that the labels used have the potential to affect the quality of the item and…
label materials label designs
12 Jan
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When talking about labels, what one automatically thinks about are stickers. But, for a marketer, you have to go beyond looking at labels as mere identification tool. A label should…
clear labels
12 Dec
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It is very easy to spot an appealing and well-designed labeled product when you see one. There are no specific rules that you must follow when it comes to creating…
adhesive labels
24 Nov
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An adhesive is the sticky substance beneath a label. As simple as that description sounds, the adhesive stands out as the second most important factor in labels after texts on…
chocolate labeling
03 Oct
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It is hard to say no to chocolate. But before indulging it one, have you ever thought what it takes to design a chocolate label? Most likely not, because who…