trendy labels
18 Jan
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When you have already established your brand, there will come a time that you will be tempted to do a new twist in terms of branding and marketing. One of the most common marketing components that get affected is the label design.

When other brands are coming up with trendy labels, it can be inviting to follow and come up with your own updated design. However, there are horror stories of brands crashing down because of a redesign failure. When is it smart to follow the trends when it comes to label design?

Is it Relevant to Your Brand?

A good design becomes exceptional if it works well with the brand or the product itself. Upon seeing a new look for the first time, it is natural to get impressed and think about having it for your own brand. However, is the design relevant to the personality you want to convey? Will it not be confusing for the consumers? What if you need to have soap labels, do you think it will still look good if you want a design used by a food company?

If you find that the design will be fit to the brand’s values, then go ahead and do it. Just make sure to come up with a better version or risk being called as a poor copycat. You can avoid this by championing the brand using the trendy design instead of making the design as the star.

Will It Complement With the Current Packaging?

A proper fit is a must when it comes to labels and packaging. If you want to have a trendy label, you must ensure that the new one should look great with the packaging. For example, wine labels must have a specific design that will look good once it is wrapped around the bottle. Or you can go all the way and change the packaging too! The important thing to note is to have the goal of improving the product and not to destroy an already attractive product.

Aesthetically Updated

One of the reasons why trends exist because what looks good in the past may not be as attractive as it is in the present. People’s preferences change with time. There are occasions when trends stay relevant for only a couple of weeks. The good thing about it is that when you follow the trend, you are assured that the current market will patronize it.  If you are living for the “now” instead of the “what ifs” then going for a trendy design may work with you.

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