2019 label design trends
15 Jan
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2019 is almost here and what a better time to check if your labels are still up for the challenge of carrying your brand name. You see, labels are very important in making products look more aesthetically pleasing to the consumers. Following label design trends would mean stepping up your game because you are willing to evolve for the better. Here are label style trends to watch out for in the fast-approaching New Year.

Simple, Bold, and Vivid

It is never wrong to keep the design simple. It is a way for you to elevate the product because the focus stays on the product itself and not on the label. However, it is also important to send a clear message hence the bold and vivid design qualities. The printing must be clean and have lively colors. The technique is to have the best materials for the labels in order to make the prints pop out. For example, with cosmetic labels, White BOPP labels have a white face stock that is an excellent canvas for any design. Colored prints will never look more alive even with just a simple design.

Custom Calligraphy

Notice how a lot of products use custom letterings for holiday labels? It is because companies want to make their labels look more organic and simple. Instead of having it only during holidays, why not have it throughout the year? When achieved, these qualities will make an instant connection with the consumers. They tend to lean on products that look like they can relate to. With a custom calligraphy on your customized label, it would have a brand that is unique and will stand out when products are put up against the competitions.

Color Play

Psychologists always say that colors have different meanings. They also evoke a variety of emotions. For example, red depicts hot while blue means cool. You need to incorporate the importance of colors in the design. Achieve that effect that even though the consumers will not remember the product name, they will remember the product itself because they associate it with the colors that are printed on the label.

Use of Die Cuts

More than adding a unique shape on the packaging, die cuts can be used to enhance the label. It can be incorporated in making a creative design that will let the consumers take a peek of the products from the outside. Another one of its advantages is that die cuts can be made in various patterns and sizes. You can either use this technique to mimic the logo, form a funny shape, or create distinct patterns.

At Cut Sheet Labels, we want to help you create labels that stand out from the rest. Being concerned on the different aspects of the packaging will impress the consumers. Incorporating these design trends on your product labels will not only make your brand more memorable.