revamp label design
30 Jan
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Revamping the label design is not a new thing. In fact, many established companies have gone through major make overs throughout the years. Logically, the change is something for the better. The first and obvious reason why you have to consider having a new design is that the current one is not working. Whether it does not have the appeal or it was poorly executed, the point is that it does not get the attention of the consumers.

A strong label can do good things to any business. Here are the right reasons to do it now.

Business Expansion

When you add a new product line or have done some innovations to the existing line, then you must consider having a new design. It must be updated in order to accommodate the changes. Consumers will appreciate it if they see something new especially when you provide new things that you know they will love.

This is also applicable if you want to evolve in terms of brand values or visions. Brand personality may change from the first time you started. It is acceptable to have a redesign of the label in order to reflect the changes.

A New Competition

If you have been enjoying the benefits of going on top and then suddenly a competition rises, then a new perspective must be presented. It can be good to let the loyal customers know that you are up for the challenge and can do better. This will also make them think that you are thinking of ways to modernized or keep the brand updated.

New Audience

Do not be contented to establish a singular fan base. It is amazing to have loyal customers but don’t you think it will be nice to have new ones? Loyal consumers already want the product as it is, a redesign on the label, therefore, should not matter as much. The design should be targeted to a new set of audience who will most likely become interested in the brand seeing that you have a solid fan base.

Is the Design Dated?

If your labels were designed some time ago, there might be problems with executing the production using modern technologies in label printing. There are plenty of changes throughout the years not only with the technology itself. There are new materials like paper stocks, modern finishes, better adhesives, etc. you might not be able to showcase your label to its full potentials if you are not going to abide to such advancements.

Revamping your label can be refreshing. You can make subtle changes or go full blast with dramatic updates. Cut Sheet Labels can help if you want to update your labels. We have the technology that will work with any kind of labels. Whether it is for jars and other food packaging, or for cosmetics and bath & body products, we guarantee that your labels will get noticed for the right reasons!