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27 Jan
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Printing labels started way back 400 years ago where labels were imprinted/ pressed into hand-made paper using images that were cut in wood or metal. From the traditional hand presses, printing technology have expanded towards faster and more efficient methods. Even though it seems like the label printing industry have reached its peak, the progress never ceases. Here are the latest label printing technology advancements that are worth to learn about.

Lightweight Labels

Manufacturers are making it possible to reduce the overall product weight by using lightweight materials for both the packaging and labels. The use of thinner label materials has a lot of advantages. One of which is that printers can produce longer rolls thereby less time to print more labels. Since the materials used are considerably lighter, they are easier to manage. On top of these advantages, the use of lightweight labels also helps in reducing consumption of both paper and plastic in the printing industry.

DIY Printing

Gone are those days when a person has the only one option to print labels on sticker papers then manually cut the labels one by one. Today, high-capacity printers are sold so that individuals can print professional-quality labels on their own. Digital label printers are low-cost solutions for different types of businesses. They are operator-friendly, produce high-quality prints, and can even support large runs.

Product Elevation

More than the purpose of labeling the products, a label is now used to elevate the product and make it look premium. Modern printers have modes that can produce different printing effects tom make the output appear embellished. For example, embossed prints have that more “expensive” appeal than a flat print. The materials used are also a factor in creating first-class labels such as using premium waterproof inkjet film. Improving the labels make the product stand-out even without making crucial changes to the product itself.

Anti-counterfeiting Solutions

A lot of industries are affected by counterfeiting of products. Particularly the pharmaceuticals industry, these fake products are causing a lot of harm to the consumers. Not only that, it also affects the trade industry making a lot of pharmaceutical companies to lose their investments. The label printing sector provides a variety of solutions by incorporating anti-counterfeiting features on the labels. Security measures like secure QR codes, producing sophisticated designs, and the use of high-quality glues are incorporated to the labels. These measures, and more, do not only uplift the label design but they can also help verify the authenticity of the products.

At Cut Sheet Labels, we are aware of the different technology advancements involved in printing product labels. We want our clients to also benefit from these improvements. It is a guarantee that once you partnered with us, we can create modern labels that will contribute to the success of your business.