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09 Aug
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Label printing differs from regular printing in the sense that the former doesn’t come with fixed pricing for every standard dimension. Labels can be of any shape and size tailored to fit the application. There are numerous factors that you need to take into account when estimating the label printing prices.


Every product requires different size of label to fit the purpose and there are numerous variations to a single design. The cost price of a label is directly proportional to the size ordered and the total amount of label stock employed in meeting that requirement.  If you are using blank sheet labels of an uncommon shape, you might have to pay more for the die-cut. In reality you are actually bearing the cost of making the machine work extra in creating the label of the required shape and size.

Color Combination

If you go for the traditional route of printing labels in full color using four plates, you’ll have to pay for the same. So practically, you are paying a price for each different color and the plates employed. For digital printing, plates are not required; however the amount you pay will be the same whether the print is in single or multiple colors. You might receive a little rebate on black and white print when it comes to label printing prices.

Paper Stock

From economical white matt or gloss stock paper to more expensive vinyl labels, you have the option of choosing from a wide range of printing papers. Depending upon the condition of usage, white matt paper is ideal for indoor use, where the product is not exposed to harsh conditions, whereas vinyl labels are perfect for outdoor applications as it can maintain the clarity of print and color for more than 5 years.


In order to get the custom print as per your requirements, the more you make the machine work, the more you pay. A sophisticated machine that requires plate creations and other prerequisites may shoot the total expense on the higher side. Digital label printers do come in with minimum set-up costs, but it still takes into account the time required to set up your artwork and estimate the price.


Short run printing can be expensive and longer runs require a huge stock of printing paper. It’s important to make sure that payment in both the cases may end up on the same side, if custom shorter runs require as much labor as the long run prints. The mode of delivery also affects the total labeling price, as the manufacturer may impose delivery charge per unit, unless you are quoted free delivery. That ultimately means all the other costs have been adjusted into the label price.

Operating Cost

There are many overhead factors that come into play when deciding the standard price of a label as per the demand. These include the size of company, staff members, and their wage that add up to the overhead cost of printing labels. Low-volume businesses generally have lower overheads, but one cannot compromise the quality of print for a little operating cost.

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