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24 Dec
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The design of your product packaging and the labels on your product – consumers notice these two things before anything else. It is therefore hard to deny that labels matter a lot when it comes to successfully marketing a product. Fortunately, the product labeling market is awash with more than enough options. Key among what you will have choose from is the ever challenging matte vs gloss option. Which of these clear labels is ideal for your product? What makes each of the two unique?

Matte Labels

Labeling experts use the term mate to describe non-shiny yet attractive texture. It is a translucent material with a frosted design.  Versatility makes matte labels extremely popular amongst marketers.  They can be natural looking or luxurious depending on factors such as placement, use and design.  Go for matte labels if you’re looking for:

  • Subtlety – Matte labels boast of appealing sheens ideal for displaying company or product information. The face-sheet is also smooth and soft and does not glare like the glossy alternative. This makes it impossible for the label to detract from the packaging or product.
  • Elegance – Adding a luxurious feel to a product is easy, almost effortless with matte labels. You often see this with upscale products, house decorations, table setting elements and invitation cards. Matte simply exudes sophistication as well as a touch of class to a product.
  • Organic Products – For some strange reason, matte is always associated with organic products. The artificial shine of gloss gives matte an obvious advantage. What’s more, matte boasts of a natural texture, so it is common knowledge that one would associate the texture with an organic product.

Gloss Labels

Like matte, gloss is clear. However, it is shinier. As a label, it is completely transparent. It gets better with the fact that it blends into just about any surface one applies it on.  Their polished and professional appearance makes them popular amongst labeling experts. Go for glass labels if you are looking for:

  • Simplicity – Gloss labels can show off a product or good without detracting from it. Their see through characteristic create an illusion that information is directly printed onto a package. This is especially true with plastic, metal and glass surfaces.
  • Sophistication – Clear gloss labels seem to blend in on jars and bottles that have a similar finish. Go for glass labels if you want to create an illusion that you printed directly onto a glass, plastic or metal surface without an upcharge. In a nutshell, gloss labels can easily create the ‘no label look’ once paired with other shiny and reflective surfaces.
  • A vibrant look – The extra shine of gloss labels reflect light. This does not just accentuate a product. It also grabs consumer attention with relative easy. All you have to do is create impressive label designs. Gloss will then increase the contrast of your image and make colors more intense.

Whichever option you go for, do not underestimate the importance that creativity plays in product labels. Make sure your color codes are on point. Make sure too that all texts are clear and legible from a distance.