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27 Sep
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Custom labels can be applied in business or personal use. There are various ways these labels can be applied because they are designed to meet a specific target or need. For a label to be categorized as custom, it has to include unique features to make it stand out. Custom labels designed for business use need to not only stand out, but they also need to contain relevant information as well. In this post we will give a few examples of how custom labels can be used.

Label Storage Boxes

Everyone hates clutter. If you have a basement that is full of clutter, you can organize the room by categorizing items into different boxes. You can choose to allocate them in different boxes depending on their use or use a format that will be easy to locate stuff. You can use custom labels to label the boxes to know what is stored where.

Shipping Labels

If you are small online business owner, it means that you constantly have to ship items to customers. Instead of handwriting your shipping labels, you can easily design a custom label that allows you to change shipping details and print. This is more professional and consumers will notice.

For Weddings And Events

If you are an events planner, you can attract more clients by printing customized labels for their events. For example, you can customize invitation cards or water bottles for a wedding or party by including the clients name or party’s theme.

Open Houses

Real estate agents do plan for open houses frequently looking for prospective buyers. During these events, a realtor can offer prospective clients with water bottles that are customized with labels with their company name. This is a form of free advertising since clients can get contact and address information from the labels

Decals and Stickers

Do you offer services? Decals and stickers can be customized and stuck on items to remind customers who they need to call when they require a service you offer. For example, if you are an IT technician, you can print customized peel and stick labels with your contacts and place them on your clients’ equipment once you are done with them.

Moving Boxes

Moving can be a daunting task. Without proper planning and organization, packing and unpacking can turn into a nightmare. You can print customized labels to categorize boxes to know what goes where. This makes things easy for the movers and also when it comes to unpacking.

Decorative Labels

If you are planning a party, instead of using normal decorative labels, you can opt for customized labels instead. You can use these labels during birthday parties and other social events if you are looking to impress your guests.

To create custom labels, you need to invest in a digital label printer which allows you to print full color labels at any time and as many as you require for whatever purpose you have. The VP 700 digital printer is compact and requires no expertise to operate. It can be used at home or by small business owners to print labels whenever required. It is affordable ad requires minimal maintenance.