labeling your moving boxes
21 Feb
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Moving can be a daunting task but you can avoid the stress by simply organizing your move. So much stress is generated after boxes are loaded in a moving van and after reaching the destination, movers become confused about where to place which box since they all look identical. You need to ensure that all boxes are labeled to make your move easy and help keep your sanity. The following tips will show you different ways of labeling your boxes to make your move so much easier and stress free.

Use Printable Stickers

You can use different colored sticky sheets to label boxes to identify which box goes where. For example, you can choose color green to signify kitchen. That means that all boxes packed with kitchen items are marked with color green and this makes it easy to identify boxes that need to go to different rooms.

Label Your Boxes on All Sides

You can invest in blank sheet labels to help you print out labels for your boxes to keep things professional. Print as much labels as you can to ensure that you label all sides of each box. This makes offloading boxes easy, since movers don’t have to keep turning the boxes to check which box goes where.

Use Waterproof Markers

If you choose to mark your boxes using markers, ensure that your handwriting is legible to avoid confusion. You can use a maker to specify which box needs to go to which room and you can further indicate the contents to make unpacking easy. However, using a marker pen can cost you too much time since you need to mark boxes on multiple sides. Always make sure that you use a waterproof marker when marking on moving boxes.

Create a Numbering System

Creating a numbering system for your moving boxes is very effective for keeping inventory of your items and also label clearly which box needs to go where. In order to have an accurate numbering system, you need to note down everything as you pack your items in a box to make sure your records are accurate. The numbering system makes unpacking so much easy since you can check what is where.

Create Color Coding System

Color coding system simply means you have a color code for each room. You can use different colored tapes to signify which box needs to go where. However, just to make it clear you need to mark the destination rooms with colors that movers will use to know where to place each item as they unpack.

Bottom Line

When packing, ensure that all your items are accounted for and you can take records by taking photos of each box contents before sealing the box. For fragile items, ensure that you label them indicating which side is up and mark with the word “fragile”. Using blank sheet labels can make your work very easy since you can print as much labels as you need. You can print these labels from inkjet printers or laser printers.