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27 Jul
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Any business that needs to ship products to customers should always get to know about shipping and mailing labels, and this is especially true if you’re selling it through an online medium.  Proper labeling can give an identity to your brand and makes the shipping process smoother and less time-consuming. You can have customized labels in various colors and sizes that are easy to peel off. There is a wide range of mailing and shipping labels provided at Cut Sheet Labels, some of which are listed below.

Address Labels

Give your brand a unique recognition by sticking a ready-made address label on packages, cards or business letters. This way you save time on writing the return address on each and every package you deliver. It will help you to optimize a proper call-to-action and also make it convenient for your partners and trusted customers to write back to you. It’s just as easy to peel them as it is to stick them on! You can also add custom design to the label along with the company logo to make this small space more enticing.

Mailing Labels

Mailing labels come as a relief to those who have an exhaustive list of people to be mailed on a regular basis. This is also applicable for sending out invitations to your friends or family. Not only are the labels aesthetically pleasing, but they are also an ideal way to make the most of marketing efforts. One single mailing label can fit a variety of purposes, although you still have the flexibility to choose from the wide range of templates available at Cut Sheet Labels.

MOM Shipping Labels

The Multichannel Order Manager Software lets you design MOM shipping labels that meet the needs for many online retail stores across the globe. The main benefit of using this kind of labels is to ensure efficient supervision of the orders made on a daily basis and faster delivery to the locations covered by your company.  Such labels can be easily printed with copiers and digital printers, and can be used as an appropriate tool to facilitate smooth order-taking process.

PaypPal Shipping Labels

PayPal is one the most secured payment gateways used by top e-commerce companies throughout the world.  The reputation is such that some people opt out of buying something online if they don’t see PayPal as one of the payment options. Apart from reflecting the distinctiveness of your brand, PayPal shipping labels ensure prompt delivery as well as great savings on time and unnecessary monthly fee. Moreover, you can get a rebate on certain packages and also go for domestic first class mailing as an alternate to the more expensive Priority Mail for orders weighing less than 13 oz.

Integrated Form Labels

Integrated form labels find their major application in healthcare and logistic industries; however, it has become a popular choice among many e-commerce companies. When you get the luxury of having the invoice, packing list and the shipping labels all in one spot, you can imagine the amount of time and effort saved. It can also be effectively used as return merchandise, since it’s easy to peel off.

At Cut Sheet Labels, we strive hard to provide our customers with high quality labels at the most competitive prices.  You can always rely on us when it comes to mailing and shipping labels!