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12 Sep
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The worst thing that you can do with packaging labels is to be repetitive with the designs. Keeping your labels updated can help you to breathe life into your business by standing out against your rivals. A change is always a good option, but you have to make sure that it doesn’t impact your sales and customer base. Prior to making any decision regarding change of packaging labels, there are a few factors you need to count in before updating your original labels.

Making the brand bigger

If you are looking to move ahead and take a stride towards a new trade, in order to make the brand bigger and better, then considering a change in the look and feel of your product with unique labels can be a good choice. The new set of audience and the market you are targeting will not be biased towards the new design. You can avail cost-effective digital label printing service to print numerous versions of custom labels specifically designed for different markets.

Extending the product line

An extension in the product line or business comes with exposure to target audience; basically a set of potential consumers who are yet to spot you in the market. An updated look of your products adds a visual appeal that can attract even the most discerning customers.  On the counterpart, updated labels also enhance consistency of the brand giving it a unique identity. One can make use of color coded labels to differentiate each line of product.

Changes in regulation

There are certain labeling regulations that need to be followed by manufacturers in order to relish true information to the consumers. This is especially applicable in food industry, since FDA frequently reviews and modifies the labeling guidelines that need to be updated within a set period of time. It is very important to act in accordance with these labeling rules, or else you may find yourself in trouble.

Something new with time

Consumer markets keep evolving with time, and there’s a good chance that your old wine label print is not that effective as it was, a few months back. Staying abreast with innovation while keeping the basics intact can do wonders for your business. Tweak a little change in the custom label layout just to make your customers feel the new breath of life you have put into your product, without comprising with the soul of the brand.  This is the best way to exhibit your message about how the brand keeps evolving with time.

Using eco-friendly material

Most of the popular companies across the world have opted for green labels, which is equally good for the business and the environment. Using recyclable materials for label stock and reducing the size of labels allows you to save a lot on label pricing and prevents material wastage.

If any of these reasons strike your mind, it’s probably time to update your packaging label with professional high-quality printing that is assured at Cut Sheet Labels. Give us a call today to get a perfect guide for your labeling needs!