digital label printing
17 Apr
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In the last decade, the label printing industry has really evolved. Today, label printing companies have adopted digital printing and this has helped companies to print high quality labels in order to push for more sales. As a small business owner, you should take advantage of digital printing technology in order to create custom labels that stand out. There are various ways a company can benefit from digital label printing. How?

Faster Set-Up Times

Older methods of label printing take up too much time to set up and this process delays label orders. Digital printing is much faster and does not need too much set-up time. All you need to do is have your label design ready in a computer and just press print. You need to load a digital label printer with label materials and you are good to go. A small business owner can print as many labels as he needs, even for small orders. This ensures that orders are delivered on time which creates a good relationship with customers.

Shorter Print Runs

Small businesses don’t require many labels at a time. Digital label printing allows small start-up businesses to make shorter print runs unlike with flexographic printing. Small print runs are a popular choice with most companies simply because they need to adapt their labeling to different markets and changing regulatory environment. Paying for long print runs leads to label wastage which means a business end up losing money. Digital printing allows you the flexibility to print labels you want and when you need them.

Versatile Capability

Digital label printers have the capability to print multiple label versions within the same print run. This allows you to make light label variations within a product line. Label printing companies program digital printers to make multi-design digital print runs which are more cost effective. This means that a business owner pays less for each label printed reducing the cost of production. In turn, you can sell your products at lower prices than your competitors.

High Quality Printouts

Digital label printing produces high quality labels. If your label design has images, digital printing brings out high resolution images as captured. Digital label printers use ink cartridges to print colors and they are cost effective. It allows business owners to be creative with their label designs. Every producer wants their products to pop from the store shelves. In order to do this, you have to use colors that can be spotted from a distance. Digital label printing brings out colors that are bright.

Invest In A Digital Label Printer

The VP700 memjet digital label printer is affordable and can be used to print colored labels. This printer is compact and is easy to maintain. You can use it to print as many labels as you need at your own convenient time. You just need to call in a technician once in a while to service the printer and this will allow you to use it for a long time. It is easy to use and it does not require set-up time.