color labeling
15 Aug
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Labeling has always been a vital part of industry, given the way it resolves many perplexity issues that may arise as a result of improper management. On-demand color labeling is a cost effective solution for all sorts of high-mix low-volume applications that require compliance with the necessary regulations. Here are a few facts that would make your decision of switching to color labels worth the investment.

It Makes the Coding Easier

On-demand color labeling saves both time and money when it comes to meeting your production needs in an organized manner. You have the flexibility of choosing the number, size and color of labels as and when you need them.  The inventory management can be done efficiently by having different color coding or graphics that distinguish different products, unlike the case in black and white labels where almost everything looks similar. The staff will be able to identify the required products without actually having to sort out the whole bunch, which in turn saves time and minimizes the chance of pulling the wrong item.

It Reduces the Label Cost

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when switching from black and white to color printing is the extra cost involved, but in reality, one can reduce the total label costs to almost half an amount by investing in an on-demand color label printer.  You can print both grayscale and colored labels in precise amounts, thus reducing extra labor costs and labeling errors. With the advent of new features in modern day cartridges, low cost of maintenance and efficient ink usage is guaranteed. They are designed specifically to bear harsh conditions.

Color Label Printers have High Capacity

Unlike the one you use at home, the on-demand color label printers employ high-capacity technology with industrial web-fed inkjet solution that guarantees high quality process color printing right from signatures to barcodes. The individual ink cartridges are specifically designed to handle a greater magnitude of print volume at a much lower cost than desktop printers. Irrespective of the size, the output is finely detailed on all sorts of approved materials.

Compatible Label Media is a Must for Color Labeling

Making switch to on-demand color labeling comes with matching the compatible media with the interface. In most of the cases, the media employed by the conventional two-step printing process is not well-suited for color printers. Even though the media required for color label printers should have unique properties, but the flexibility of choice you get is unmatched. You have the privilege of choosing from something rich and glossy to something more cost-effective. Say for an instance, you can use high quality lustrous paper for marketing purposes or a plain label for billing and shipping information, although make sure to use the specific media in order to meet the industry and customer requirements.

It’s advisable to buy media from a certified label solution provider in order to avoid the issues of incompatibility. Bad quality of media can have detrimental effects on the printing cost, readability and recognition of the brand, which can ultimately lead to business downfall. Cut Sheet Labels ensures high quality color imprinting on all sorts of approved materials and in various designs. Try us today for a quality dose of color label prints!