QR code labels
24 May
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As you have probably noticed, more and more business owners are using QR code labels on their products in an attempt to engage with consumers. This marketing tool is gaining popularity and the rise of social media has made QR code labels a necessity for most big companies. So what exactly are QR codes?

The QR code, abbreviated from Quick Response Code is a two dimensional bar code which consists of an array of white and black squares. This image basically stores URLs which can easily be read by smartphones and cameras. We have listed a number of reasons why as a business owner you need to incorporate QR codes in your product labels.

Social Media Engagement

As mentioned earlier, QR codes hold link pages where consumers can go to get more information about a product. You can customize your QR codes to take consumers right to your Twitter, Facebook or any social media site of your choosing. You can encourage buyers to get your products by offering them discounts when they like your Facebook page or even follow you on Twitter. This form of marketing tool not only increases your product sales but your brand gets high ratings which allow you to target a wide audience.

Reward Customers

QR codes can also be used to reward customers. Instead of printing out coupons to give to customers, customers can easily scan the QR code on the product’s label and redeem as a coupon. This saves business owners thousands of dollars that would otherwise go to printing coupons. It also makes it easy for consumers to redeem coupons whenever and wherever they choose since they can do the scanning form their smartphones.

Advertise Events

For large corporations with big client base, the use of QR codes would be a great way to invite clients to events. All they have to do is include a QR code to a product label and then the clients need to scan the code to RSVP to the event.

Strengthen SEO

You can use QR codes to strengthen your search engine optimization. How does this work? The QR codes can link your customers to helpful links that would provide more information about your product. For example if you have a Youtube link, you clients can get connected to the site and automatically the number of views goes up. Once there, you can encourage your clients to share the site with others which acts as form of marketing.

As a business owner you need to take advantage of technology advancement and use QR codes as a form of virtual marketing. You can incorporate QR codes in any product label including food & drink labels to ensure you reach as many consumers as possible.

The advantage of engaging with your customers is that with time you win their trust and in turn they become loyal customers. Most business people attest that repeat clients bring in more revenue to a company and help to keep it afloat. Ensure that you work closely with a label printing company to ensure that you get QR code labels that are effective.