are coffee labels a necessity?
02 Jul
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There’s a story behind each bag of coffee, right from the quality of Arabica beans used, to the final roasting, grounding and brewing. But this bean-to-cup tale remains a mystery if there’s no proper labeling done to highlight the real savor and aroma of the coffee. Well-defined coffee labels can precisely capture the essence of your product and serve as a shortened version of your success story.

Give Your Brand a Unique Identity

Quality is something that separates the best from the rest. A good label on your product can be your greatest ally when showcasing the information behind the unique taste of your coffee. You would want your target customers to keep coming back to you and this kind of a labeling is what you require in order to indicate the quality of your product.

It’s an ideal space for advertising the coffee profile, right from the variety of beans roasted to the brewed coffee in the cup. All popular cafes around the globe have attractive labels on their product to match the producer’s identity with the luscious aroma, and this is the sort of information that every consumer looks for, in the very first tasting.

Educate Your Customers with Accurate Information

Flashy labels are not all about glittering inks and appealing graphics that are used to attract customers and add brand value. Coffee labeling gives detailed information to the one who consumes it. For a coffee fanatic, it’s an enriching experience to know about each and every aspect of what goes into making a great coffee with delectable taste and aroma.

The visual identity is like a data sheet that is meant to provide the customers with precise information. This is what sets apart the popular brands from the struggling ones. A company with a properly assembled label is more likely to keep the customers, in comparison to the one without organized details.

What Information Should Your Coffee Label Have?

There are certain labeling regulations formulated by Food and Drug Administration, and you need to abide by them in order to prepare the correct label. You can also add claims such as “100% Organic”, “Freshly Roasted” or “Premium Quality” to get more customers buying your product. However, in that case you’ll have to get approval from the relevant authority, who will verify whether your product matches the requirement for the particular claim you make.

A typical coffee label includes the following information:

  • Product name
  • Net weight of the product
  • Company’s name and location
  • Ingredients
  • Barcode

The label should not be printed on any kind of material that can potentially contaminate the coffee.  Make sure that the information listed is easy to read .If your labels are difficult to understand, there’s a big chance that your potential customer will move on to buy someone else’s product.

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