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21 Nov
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One of the most important aspects of brand integrity and labeling is color consistency. It matters a lot because the way colors appear across labels is vital to consumer recognition of your brand and products. As such, you must ensure standardization as well as consistency of color in your labels. This translates to investing in the right printers, choosing specific fonts and even hiring the right printing experts. To achieve all these and to fully understand why color consistency is important in label printing, one must take into account the three main color systems and the role they play in label printing.

Pantone Matching System

Pantone Matching System colors or PMS colors is common term in custom label printing. The term refers to a global color consistency standard designed by the Pantone Corporation. The corporation produces a guide on Pantone Colors each year to guild label printing experts. Each Panton Color features an ink formulation and color swatch for each of its 1867 colors on uncoated and coated stocks. Please note that PMS colors are sometimes referred to as spot colors. The colors allow printers and designers to easily achieve common color objectives.  A designer can therefore select different colors from a swatch book and printer then proceed to use the PM formula to come up with a new color. This ensures that all brand colors will be accurately and consistently printed.

The Four Color Process System

It is also referred to as the CMYK. This is because the system uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black colors so as to create a wide range of colors. Here, process colors are created on the printing press by simply applying separate CMYK layers in different concentrations. The artwork in question is first split into two main CMYK separations. Various amounts of different colors are then printed in size dots that are as small as 0.25mm in diameter. This makes it easy for the printer to create stunning and vibrant images. Keep in mind too that the system is fast, so it saves time and of course, money. The end result of the entire printing system is a set of images that boasts of consistent colors and scintillating contrasts.

The RGB Color System

RGB simply stands for Red, Green and Blue. The system is only used in digital printing. It is not used in the printing industry. It is still important in custom label printing in so many ways. Remember that for clients, samples of custom labels are sometimes sent by mail. This means the samples are usually displayed on digital devices. It is also very important to note that RBG colors hardly look the same in different digital displays. With that in mind, always request for a physical sample of custom label. That way, you will be able to examine factors such as contrast and text design.

Point To Note

Always choose a labeling service provider with the right expertise. Color consistency is for instance, a key area that does not boast of enough experts worldwide. With that in mind, take time to find a service provider that can guarantee you value for money through competent staff.