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09 Jan
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Creating the label design is one of the most challenging parts of brand marketing. The first thing you have to think about is how you can come up with a design that will represent not only the product but the whole brand as well. What is important to note is that labels are more than just for identification purposes. They are also effective advertising tools. They influence the customers in a lot of ways.

Bridging the Information Gap

There are very few customers who will take the time to really know the product. In most cases, they will rely on what the company will serve through promotional ads. When creating labels, you have to consider what information to give to the customer. The design must give answers to basic questions like what the product is and how it will benefit the consumers.

Most customers will spend only seconds in choosing between products. You must achieve a design that will entice them within that window of opportunity. The design must be captivating enough to persuade them to pick your brand.

Customer Psychology

It is not new knowledge about how colors can affect a person’s mood. The same is true with designing labels. The different elements of the design, especially the colors, have a significant impact on the customers’ attitude to the brand. This is where cohesiveness of the design elements becomes essential. The customers should not be confused about what you want to tell them. You must be straightforward with your branding and choose elements that go with the brand identity you are creating.

You have to focus the design around the fact that customers use their visual perceptions in noticing the product. The design elements must be able to capture their attention at a glance so the label must look striking especially when displayed among the competitors.

Another factor to consider is customizing labels in order to create a positive impression. It will appear that the brand has quality products because it has gone the extra mile to produce customized labels that look awesome.

Not Only About Aesthetics

Surprisingly, not all perfectly executed designs work. Perhaps you have heard of stories about major companies failing on some of their campaigns? They have the perfect team and the best machineries to work on their product labels and yet still get beaten by newbies in the industry who are using DIY label printers for their labels. This is a classic example that not all creative designs are effective.

More than the aesthetic quality, there are other factors that will influence customer preferences. It could be the information printed, the packaging, or the label materials used. This why it is important to always do a study about what the preferences of the customers are and you must never rely on the aesthetic quality alone.

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