product labeling future
06 Oct
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A decade ago, no one imagined that it would be possible to scan a product and pay for it. The bar code scanning feature seemed like a futuristic concept that would remain just that – a concept. It didn’t take long though before the technology became popular. Bar codes soon became a permanent feature on product labels. What seemed like a mirage suddenly became a reality. Consumers and manufacturers then realized they were indeed living in future. Strangely, product labeling is still evolving. Even bar codes still evolve. One can only imagine what the future holds for product labeling.

Digital Technology Will Only Get Better

The advent of digital technology changed product labeling for the better. It brought about efficiency and product adaptability. With 3D printing now emerging as yet another exciting innovation in digital technology, things can only get better. Soon, digital technology will connect design and rapid prototyping as well as consumer inputs. On the other hand, package intelligence will be extended the hand of the consumer. For instance, smart pharmaceutical packages will use bar codes in their packaging to track when patients push tablets through foil backing.

Changing Regulations

Laws change all the time to adapt to changes. This can only mean one thing – that legal and regulatory changes to take care of the ever changing product labeling field will certainly happen. It will affect the information on product labels in key markets such as food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This is not in any way a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it is a positive change people should look forward to as it has consumer safety at its core. Regulatory changes will also make it easy for product labeling companies to avoid situations of designing labels that become unusable and obsolete.


It is hard to separate packaging, labeling and the ever increasing concern on low carbon emissions. The next decade will without a doubt demand bigger changes in both processes and systems. Automation and digitization will make everything simple.


Digital revolution is inevitable. As a matter of fact, it is already happening. In the near future, it will ease the burden of brand attraction and information which is at the moment moving swiftly onto packages. Converters will become the dominant producer of paper based information. In simple terms, consumers will get product information online by scanning RF tag or barcode with their smartphones. This is already happening, so it is safe to conclude that the future is here. Fortunately, things can only get better and easier for the consumer.

Cost Of Production

The current focus on value and price will enables producers to pare ware with what matters more as far as profit is concerned. This presents a shift in packaging. Labeling and packaging companies are forced to embrace new technology in a bid to cut costs without compromising quality. They also have to ensure they stick to legal requirements. One can only guess the future will force innovative ideas to bridge the gap between label printing, production and packaging.