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18 Dec
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Are you designing candle labels for the first time or simply updating your current design? Unlike pharmaceutical and food products, candles don’t have to follow a stringent of government regulations during manufacturing.  However, there are issued standards that candle manufacturers should follow considering they are a fire safety hazard. When it comes to designing and printing candle labels, there are series of questions you should ask yourself to ensure that your brand grows and becomes successful. Some of these questions include:

Will my label be applied directly to the candle, container or wrapper?

First of all, you need to realize that printing candle labels that apply directly on the candles would not be a good idea. Other than the obvious reason that the label gets damaged when the candle melts, the candle ingredients also tend to tamper with the quality of the label. It is best to come up with candle labels that can be applied to the wrapper or container.

What style of label am I looking for?

There are various label materials that can be used to print candle labels. Some of the popular materials include clear, foil, metalized paper, semi-gloss – to mention a few. An all-temperature adhesive is used to stick these labels and they prevent the labels from changing color overtime as the candle burns.

Will the candle container be tampered?

A tampered container simply means that the container is designed in a way that one end is smaller than the other end. This design is very striking and popular with a lot of candle manufacturers. However, you need to understand that designing a label for a tampered container requires a lot more mastery to get the labels right. If you are not sure how to go about it, you can contact a professional label company to help you with the designs and printing.

Will your candle container have a ridge at the bottom?

It is important to consider adding a ridge at the bottom of your candle container. First of all, it is an industry standard for all candles to have a safety product label. So as not to clutter the primary candle label, you can size the safety product label to fit the ridge at the bottom of the candle container.

Information you need to include on candle labels

As a manufacturer, you need to create an interaction between your product and the consumers. You can include some of the following information on your candle labels.

  • The business name and logo.
  • The name of the scent used.
  • Company contact information
  • Customized greeting messages for weddings, birthdays, etc.
  • Burning safety tips and instructions
  • Estimates of burn time
  • Clip arts and images for decoration purposes

Choose the right labels

Once you have all the information you need to place on your candle label, then you can work out the size of the label. Choose a font that will go well with the label and don’t use more than two fonts on the same label. Make sure the font is the right size and should not be too large or too small.