water bottle labels to advertise real estate business
24 Jun
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Real estate is a competitive industry, which means that agencies must market themselves in creative ways. Those that stand out from the crowd will be recognized and this recognition will lead to a larger bottom line. One method that real estate agencies can use to advertise themselves are through water bottle labels. These labels are a great way to create branding which shows attention to detail and will convey to others that you’re ahead of the pack.

Why Use Bottle Labels?

At first glance it may seem unusual for a real estate business to advertise itself on the label of a bottle, but this is precisely why it works, because it’s different. Providing potential clients with a bottle of water or juice is not only thoughtful (particularly on a hot summer day), but provides them with your contact information in a manner that is portable. If the label is exceptionally attractive and professional they are likely to hold onto it, which increases your presence further.

The material used for bottle labels is also waterproof. This matte, synthetic material is also colorfast and can be placed in a fridge or on ice without damage to the label. High quality labels are also self-adhesive, and will stick to the bottle’s surface even when a dishwasher cleans them. They are semi-permanent and as a consequence can be removed and repaired. The best bottle labels provide 300 dpi which means the images will be extremely vibrant and sharp.

The best bottle labels are those which are produced by a printing machine. Real estate agencies which choose to use standard printers will simply not get the same type of quality that will be achieved through a commercial press, as these devices are designed for the task and cost a significant amount of money. The ink used by these machines is placed in the bottle’s label electromagnetically, which is the method preferred by professional brewers and soft drink companies.

How to Effectively Use Bottle Labels

It isn’t enough to simply place a label of your business onto the side of a water bottle. To effectively advertise you’ll need to do it the right way. For instance, when real estate agents meet with prospective buyers to show them a house, the agents should keep the bottles in a cooler in their vehicles, offering it to the buyer during the meeting. These bottles can also be given at open houses in conjunction with other snacks or refreshments, or kept in a cooler at the office so that when home buyers stop by you can give it to them. The manner in which you present the bottle is just as important as the quality of the label.

Things You Should Include on the Bottle Label

Some of the things which are a must for bottle labels include the company logo, contact info, and a high resolution image. The company logo should be taken directly from a graphics file as it will provide the greatest quality. Specific contact information to add includes your phone number, website and email address.