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09 Sep
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We are in the era of digital printing which makes label printing fast, easy and affordable. Both small and big companies have something to smile about when it comes to their labeling needs because digital printing offers many options for commercial label printing.

What Is Digital Printing?

This is a process of printing from a computer generated graphics file or digital image using high volume laser printer or high speed inkjet. The main advantage of digital printing is that a company can choose to invest in in-house printing or opt to outsource their printing jobs to a label printing company. With technological advancement, faster and more compact digital label printers like the VP 700 memjet can be used by small companies to print short run orders to minimize on production costs. Why is digital printing a better option than traditional methods like flexographic printing?

Variable Data Printing

This label printing option allows a company to personalize each piece of a label for its targeted audience with their name and other specific information. It is the best option for companies that print promotional labels that include coupon codes and barcodes. Variable data printing can also include labels with the same product name but have slight variations like color, codes and images.

Short Run Printing

Unlike with flexographic printing, digital printing requires less setup time and you can print the exact amount of labels you want when you want them. All you have to do is save the graphics file in a computer and click print when you need more labels. It is a good option for businesses that print post cards or mailing labels. Since plates are not involved in digital printing, it is the affordable option for short run orders.

High Quality Prints

If you are looking for high quality label print outs, you have the option to use the high-speed inkjet printers. They print labels with vibrant and accurate colors. The VP 700 memjet label printer is a good investment for companies which are looking not to compromise on the print quality of their labels.

On Demand Printing

Not all companies want to pre order huge volumes of labels to save on storage space and also minimize label waste. Whether you are printing labels in-house or outsourcing, digital printing allows you to print labels on demand. This means that you no longer have to commit to producing and allows you to make changes fast enough in case of label errors.

Fast Printing

Compared to traditional methods of label printing, digital printing is fast and offers a quick turnaround time. In the business world, time is money and a business cannot afford to waste precious time waiting for label orders just because you chose to use traditional methods of label printing.

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