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12 Dec
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Are you thinking of investing in a labeling equipment? If so, that means you have an idea of the kind of machinery you are looking for. Buying a labeling equipment should be something that you put a lot of thought into since one, they are expensive and two, they are a lifetime equipment and you need to be careful in what you invest in. There are several factors that you should consider before buying labeling equipment and this article will highlight a few of the important ones to guide you.

Plan Your Budget

Always start by having a budget set and shop around to see what labeling equipment you will acquire within your means. Manual application machines usually cost a few hundred dollars. However, with time you may need to replace them with semi-automatic machines as production increases. The full automatic in-line systems are top of the range label equipment and they cost a lot more. It is better to save for new equipment than buying a used machine since wear and tear can affect the labeling accuracy.

Get To Know More About Containers

Before investing in labeling equipment, familiarize yourself with different types of containers in the market and what your specialty will be. There is labeling equipment that can accommodate different sizes of containers and these are much economical. However, there are a few semi-automatic equipment designed to handle specific containers like round and oval products. These are mostly recommended for custom container labels.

What Are Your Labeling Needs?

You need to develop a labeling strategy first for you to pick equipment that will perform the desired task. Some of the aspects to look at include: labor costs, speed, labeled units per day, label type, equipment space, setup costs and time, container shape and material  Рjust to mention a few. You should also be able to predict the possibility of production growth before investing in equipment.

Compare Machine Features

When you have a better understanding of your labeling needs and production, it becomes easier to pick the kind of machine you need. With this in mind, you need to compare the machine features in the market to get exactly what you are looking for.  You need to check the following:

  • Specifications
  • Label dimensions
  • Product dimensions
  • Roll capability
  • Standards options and features
  • Shipping rates
  • Equipment maintenance

Consider Configurations for More Labeling Options

Programmable configurations are able to accommodate more label applications and most modern labeling equipment comes with these features. In-line automatic machines have more configurations than the semi-automatic machines but they cost more. It is better to invest in a more expensive machine if you anticipate quick production growth to save you on setup costs. Rotary systems are known to have the most configurations and they are designed to withstand rigorous labeling on a corporate level.

If you have any more questions about labeling equipment, contact Cut Sheet Labels today and our team of experts is on standby to tackle any of your labeling concern.