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24 May
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If you are unfamiliar with labels, picking the right label material can be difficult at first. There are several label materials one can choose from, but all these materials have something different to offer. One of the most commonly used labels today is clear labels. Every year, hundreds of both small and big companies print custom labels using this type of label design to promote their brands.

Clear labels not only add an aesthetic appeal to a product’s packaging, but they also have many other benefits making them a popular choice among business owners. Let’s look at the advantages of using such labels and why you need to invest in them today:

No-Label Look

Clear labels blend into an application surface or a container so it looks that there is no label. Instead of printing directly onto containers which can be a costly affair, using clear films is a cost effective alternative that can save your business a lot of money. Clear labels are able to achieve the same elegant effect printing directly onto containers offers, but with less technical processes.

Accentuate Bold Colors

As mentioned earlier, clear labels give a no-label look. When applied onto transparent containers, consumers are able to clearly see the contents in a container. If you are packaging brightly colored products, using clear labels allows these products to stand out more on store shelves. To make your product more interesting, you can add graphics, patterns and cutouts on your label design to accentuate your products’ bold colors. Furthermore, when you print clear labels, you don’t need to use too much ink which means you lower your production costs as well.

Showcase Your Product Contents

Some products use their visual appeal as a selling point. Products like food, cosmetics and juice get more attention from consumers when the contents in a container are visible. You can highlight the bright colors of your product’s unique contents by packaging in clear containers and applying clear labels.

Create An interesting Effect

You can combine clear labels with other materials to come up with creative designs to achieve a cool effect. How? For example, you can have a clear label on the front panel of your product container and a different label material at the back, say white matte material. The back material can be designed to have cool designs. This way, when a consumer looks through the clear labels, they can be able to see the cool designs on the back label. All you have to do is get a little creative with your label designs to make your product stand out.

White Underprinting Can Help The Design

When printing on clear labels, you need to underprint the inks in order to make them visible. This means that white ink is applied to specific parts of your label where texts and images will appear so that these parts can be opaque. Not all surfaces require white underprinting. If the color of your container is already white, underprinting may not be necessary.

At Cutsheet Labels, we have vast knowledge when it comes various types of label materials, including clear labels. Every year, we print hundreds of thousands of custom clear labels that allow business owners more flexibility with their label designs. For more information about clear labels, do not hesitate to contact us today!