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12 Aug
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Are you running your own business and you are about to launch a new product and wondering if you need labels? Are you are a business owner who has already launched a product and wondering whether adding custom labels is a good idea? If you have these questions circulating within your thoughts, chance are that you might be unsure about whether or not you really need a label or not. In this post, we will help save you from potential stress and headaches. Let’s breakdown the needs and uses for labels for businesses!

For Manufacturers: The Link between Labels and Business Benefits

Don’t be fooled by the small size of labels because they are able to deliver big business benefits, especially for manufacturers! The importance and need of labels should never be underestimated because it has morphed well beyond just shipping and packaging. Today, there are many different manufacturing labeling applications that need ‘support’. That’s why there are over 25,000 combinations of ribbons, tags, custom labels and more. Manufacturers require items such as labels to track and identify an increasing number of components each day. What’s more, the size of labels is continually shrinking. Why? To meet the standards and quality requirements customers demand. To do that, some companies also resort to creating on-demand micro labels.

Barcode Labels Help Business Owners to Keep Better Inventory and Reduce Errors

If your product line is diverse and large in nature, barcodes can help you keep a better inventory of your own products! You should definitely consider creating special barcode labels to best fit your inventory and numbering systems. There are many benefits that you can enjoy from printing labels with barcodes on it. For example, you can scan your barcode without relying on someone to take a physical inventory. This saves money, time and significantly reduces the risk of human error.

This type of information is one of your most valuable assets, and having the wrong ones in your business operation or supply chain is just going to wreak havoc. Always acquire the right information so you never have to lose any potential business or incur higher operating expenses. Hence, barcode labeling is the perfect solution.

The Rise of QR Codes in Product Labels

You might have of Quick Response codes (QR codes), and these codes are increasingly popping up in product labels. Thanks to their distinct looks, they contribute to a new way of displaying barcodes. Today, QR code labels are great tools for enhancing brand engagement. Each can contain a link to a specific page of a website that shares information about your product or service. Alternatively, linking your audience to a sign up form will help you get more business leads.

When it comes to linking QR codes to pages, always keep in mind that content is king. For example, you can link your viewers to how-to-videos, articles, and blogs. What’s more, QR codes go well with social media as well. You can use these codes to bring both potential and existing customers directly to your profiles in Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare and other social media sites of your choice. You can even encourage interaction by offering extra incentive in the form of discounts, to customers who ‘check-in’ your social media site using those QR codes!