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21 Sep
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Keeping your label designs current can help your business in different ways. They can help attract new customers, help you stand out against competitors and even breathe life into your brand. Change is inevitable and as a business owner, you need to keep up with the latest labeling trends if you are going to survive the competition.  If you are going to implement change in your label designs, ensure that you have a plan laid out in order to help your customers adapt to the new changes. Otherwise rushing to make label changes may work against you and have a negative impact on sales.

How Do You Decide If An Update Is Right For Your Brand?

Whether the reason to update your labels is to create a completely new look or any other reason, you need to carefully study the market trend before making this decision. Find out how your customers will react to change. You may be looking to attract millenials, but at the same time you have to consider how your older customers will react to the change. Check what your competitors are doing and if some have implemented changes in their brand look, find out how it has impacted their business.

How Would Upgrading Your Product Labels Benefit Your Business?

Brand Expansion

Every business looks for ways to grow and this can be achieved by creating new market shares. If you are looking to explore new markets, reinventing your product’s look should be the first priority. You need to experiment with new different labels at first since your new target audience will not be biased. To effectively do this at minimum costs, you need to invest in digital label printing for variable printing. You can also use digital printing to customize your label designs for specific markets and audiences.

Add New Products

Upgrading your label design will help you win a wide audience than the one you had before. You can take this advantage to add new product lines. With a new look, your products will be able to put their best face forward promoting your brand further. It is best to use color coded labels if you choose to add new product lines to help distinguish each line.

Market Changes

The FDA and other regulatory bodies constantly review and modify their labeling regulations to better protect the consumers and also add new information. Whenever there are changes, producers and manufacturers are given a certain period of time to enact these changes. Keeping your label designs current helps you to adhere to new labeling regulations to avoid heavy penalties.

Stay Fresh And Relevant

With time, consumers’ tastes and preferences keep changing. What may have worked for them before may not work now. The competition is very high and companies look for new and fresh ideas on how to attract consumers. Keeping an outdated label design can be bad for your business. Designing labels afresh does not mean that you have to change them completely. You just have to update them to give them a fresh look and relevance.

Give Packaging Some Pop

Consumers have a limited attention span. To grab and keep their attention for long, you need to come up with unique packaging and labeling styles in order to stay ahead of your competitors.