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03 Aug
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In recent years, there has been an explosion of both inventive and customized beer label designs. Why? The label is the beverage bottle’s “shopfront”, and it’s the perfect place to display your brand’s unique logo design to arract customers. Beer bottles and cans are getting quite a lot of the spotlight, especially when it comes to label designs. This is happening because of the growing popularity of home breweries and small run craft beers. You should consider hopping aboard this trend and create your own label designs for your beer products. If you require a little creative push so that you can start creating your own beer bottle labels, look no further than here! Below are some cool examples of beer bottle label designs to inspire you.

Design Inspiration #1: Silver City Brewery

Sieben Bräu Helles Lager

Check out the labels designs of Sieben Bräu Helles Lager. You will find that the imagery used in its design is exceedingly detailed and makes full use of the whole space of the can. While this design follows in the footsteps of craft beer design leaders such as 21st Amendment Brewery, Silver City‘s Sieben Bräu still takes a more polished, and undoubtedly gripping, approach to illustration.

Design Inspiration #2: Flying Dog Brewery

Flying Dog Brewery's beer series for 2012

Have you seen Flying Dog Brewery’s beer series for 2012? If you haven’t, you should definitely check them out. Ralph Steadman is a prolific artist and is widely recognized for his iconic illustrations and other intricately detailed works. He was the one who created the insanely chaotic, original art for Flying Dog’s beer labels. His various designs consist of splatter art illustrations as well as mythical creatures. While a majority of his labels feature dogs, they aren’t your ordinary dogs. As mentioned, the mythical beasts that are drawn, are related to the dog. Some even say that his works are the perfect marriage of poetry, rage and taste.

Design Inspiration #3: Kiuchi Brewery

Hitachino Nest Beer

Brought to you by Kiuchi Brewery, the designs of this series are more on the reserved end of a maximalist spectrum. It, however, still qualifies as a great source for design inspiration; thanks to its well put together combinations of colors as well as groovy and psychedelic typefaces. Yes, all these elements around one winsome owl. The result is undeniably eye-catching.

Design Inspiration #4: Yoho Brewing Company

Yoho Brewing Company

Created by Yoho Brewing Company from Japan, the brewery made British and American-style beers in cans. The designs of the cans are pretty quirky and features colorful illustrations that effortlessly bring this craft label design to life. Many people have also praised their clever use of color within the typography. You could definitely learn a thing or two from including subtle use of stripes and spots.

Design Inspiration #5: Cisco Brewers

Cisco Brewers

Sometimes less is more, so opting for more simplicity in your designs is a refreshing start. Beer label designs from Cisco Brewers serve as great examples as they are both minimalistic and clean. If you take a look at their existing designs, you can notice traditional wood cut elements from the 19th century. That’s why their brand is always reminiscent of Nantucket Island. If you have your own original logo ready to be used, consider printing them on different colored labels to add variation. This technique is simple but can sometimes speak louder than a complicated design.

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