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03 Jan
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In today’s marketing trends, company events like Press Presentation and Bloggers’ Gathering are being considered as essential to introduce new products or services. In such events, having customized wine labels is important because it elevates the brand in a lot of ways. There are several advantages of having this kind of customized label for company events.


If your company is used to organizing events for brand influencers and consumers, having a customized label for the wine is a prime opportunity to increase branding. Boring-looking bottles should never be considered for any of these events. Wines are staples during events and they do not get as much attention. But if you are going to customize the labels, the attendees will most likely take a second look.  Because it is customized, it is easy to make designs that are specific for a particular product being promoted. It is like having a subtle advertisement while the participants are enjoying their drinks.

Make the Company Look Cool

Wines have that elegant air to it. Having a customized label on a complimentary bottle of wine will encourage the recipient that your company is a cut above the rest. It will help exude an air of sophistication that consumers look for in a brand. Having different labels on every occasion will also make everyone think about how particular you are when it comes to details.

Great as Gifts

Opportunities to promote your brand should not be overlooked, even when showing your appreciation to certain individuals. Instead of sending plain and generic looking bottles of wines, why not have customized labels? Think about how it would be very beneficial when you have sent something thoughtful and be able to promote at the same time. Emotions play a role in product selection and capitalizing on this fact using customized labels for your wine gifts will be advantageous.

Label Design Opportunities

Having a customized label gives you an opportunity to play around with the design. Because the reach is not as wide as having a full-blown marketing campaign, you will not feel too pressured in creating a label design that sells. The important thing is that you can make a statement out of the design. Your aim is to promote a particular product or the company as a whole. You may choose to stay consistent with the company colors or be completely different. You can customize the design to match the theme of the event. This way, it will also serve as a great memento for the event especially when you are to send out bottles as souvenirs.

There is no better way to celebrate company milestones than with a distinct bottle of wine. At Cut Sheet Labels, we make it easy for you to create custom labels for wine bottles in time for your company events. We can work out a design that will be fitting for the occasion or use one of your designs.