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06 May
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Colors have a very powerful influence on human emotions and this is a fact that every business owner should use to his advantage. This article will highlight ways you can use color psychology to come up with shampoo labels that are not only attractive but will definitely influence consumer purchasing behavior.

How Color Psychology Works

A product’s label is considered to be one of the most important marketing tools and how well you design your shampoo labels will determine your sales levels. With this in mind, you have to carefully consider all the concepts in your label design to make it effective. To better understand how color psychology works, we have listed a number of commonly used colors and their psychological and emotional responses.

Pink: This color brings about a sense of tranquility and relaxation. This is a great color choice for a shampoo label.

  • White: Color white is mostly associated with relaxation, complacency and security. Used in a right concept, white brings forth feelings of lightness.
  • Blue: This color is associated with spirituality, comfort, happiness, creativity, relaxation and safety.
  • Red: Being a warm color, red is known to increase a heartbeat rate and it is associated with sensuality and energy.
  • Yellow: Color yellow represents cheerfulness, spontaneity, optimism and allows one to feel a sense of longing.
  • Green: when you see green, the first feeling one experiences is peace. Green is also associated with relaxation and happiness. This color is known to help to reduce blood pressure.
  • Purple: Also known as a royal color, purple is considered to be sensitive, prestigious and sensitive.
  • Black: This is a common color choice for many since it represents virility, stability and rationality.

These are just a few colors that most shampoo companies incorporate in their custom labels to evoke emotions to influence consumers buy their products.

How To Pair Text And Background Colors

Professional designers know that choosing a legible combination for text and background colors is vital to come up with an aesthetically pleasing label design. Successful label designs use large amounts of contrast both hue and value to ensure that the color background does not affect the legibility of the text. Some of the successful text and background color combination include black on white, yellow on black, white on green, red on white and blue on white just to mention a few.

Online Tools To Help You Choose A Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme can be a daunting task but thanks to free online tools, the process has been simplified. When choosing a color scheme you are first required to select a base color which fits your shampoo product. There are a variety of free online tools that one can choose from and some of the commonly used include:

Kuler: This site is developed by Adobe and allows one to create a color scheme of choice. It also allows users to check out color schemes used by others for comparison.

ColorBlender: This site allows you to find matching colors that blend by tweaking color pallets by dragging across different color channels. The site is easy to master and does not require one to register to use the features.