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21 Dec
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Is there really a link between food labels and profitability? The answer pretty much sounds obvious, but it is not. These labels make it easy for consumers to compare their options.  This can only mean one thing – without labels, it would be easy for a consumer to know how food products differ in term of taste and more importantly, quality. It would also be hard to know other product particulars such as storage and handling. Monopolies would thrive. On the flipside consumer safety would be compromised. In a nutshell, there is much more into product labels than just profits. On the same note, it is impossible to deny that one can maximize profits solely by effective marketing and labeling. Here’s how and why.

Quality Matters

Talk of food products today and the first thing one thinks of is quality. Is the food product in question safe? Cast doubts on product safety and just like that, consumers flee. That’s because safety is the most important aspect when it comes to nearly all products whether they are consumables or not. Your product labels should therefore be clear on anything that touches on quality.

Special Groups

This is where vegans, children and all the special groups in between come into the picture. Think about the people your product appeals to. Do they have reservations and restrictions based on their faith or way of living? Diabetics are for instance, advised to refrain from certain products because of their sugar levels. Vegans on the other hand refrain from meat products because of their faith. The same can be said of expectant women who are advised to either consume some products in plenty or completely avoid them.  With a label that addresses all these concerns, you give your target market the power to decide on their own. You also come out as transparent and ethical. The end result is a good rapport with consumers which easily translate guaranteed returns on investment.

Discounts And Promotions

Forget about traditional market for a while. When it comes to discounts and promotions in a bid to either clear stock or popularize a product, labels play a crucial role. It gets better with the fact that you do not have to spend more on promotional labels. Go for luminous labels, highlight the percentage you’re scrapping off and just like that, you rope in buyers.  It is all about catching their attention so always go for well-designed labels that stand out.


Incorporate animated characters and sports heroes in your labels if your target market is made of children and teenagers. Blend different shades of green if your target market is made up of vegans. As you will find out, color mixing can take your product far if done well. Be sure to take advantage of minimalist designs if you’re on a budget. This should be simple with a small design team working with you. Then of course, always remember to highlight whether your product packaging is recyclable. Consumers are now aware and concerned about the environment than ever before.