lip balm tube labels
27 Oct
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There’s a 99% chance you will find a lip balm tube in 9 out of 10 ladies handbags. Out of the 9 lip balms, you will notice labels with different designs. Some will feature glossy looking lips, others will feature celebrity images while others will feature brand logos with few words in an effort to catch your attention. To most ladies, there will be nothing strange about the labels. What most of them won’t realize is the amount of work that goes into designing the labels. The process is to a great extent, complex. To come up with a lip balm label, consider the following tips.


Talk of lip balm labels and you will most likely hear a labeling expert mention Facestock. That is because it is the most common label material used to label lip balm tubes. It is easy to understand what makes the material special. Synthetic and natural resins in Facestock ensure that that the material is perfect for different environmental conditions.  The end product is a label with varnish, a protective coating that is applied to the surface of a label to give it a magnificent, glossy look.

Varnish And Laminate

Natural and synthetic resins are ideal for protecting labels against extreme environmental conditions. However, the two ingredients cannot guarantee the aesthetic appeal of a label as much as laminate and varnish can. Varnish not only protects a piece. It also ensures that a label’s aesthetic appeal is nothing short of impressive by giving it a nice, glossy look. Then there is laminate, a protective film fused in labels to facilitate resistance to chemicals and handling abrasions.


It is important to always take into account what the label will adhere to. Plastic and glass surfaces will for instance call for different adhesive requirements.  In a nutshell, surface conditions are vital when it comes to designing lip balm tube labels. Smooth, flat, curved and textured surfaces will each call for different adhesive requirements. One will also be forced to take into account other factors such as whether the label will be permanent or removable.


Will there be any imprinting on the label? If so, what method will be used? Will the label be hand applied or machine applied? Printing as you will find out, can be the sole difference between a good lip balm tube label and one that can easily be considered as average. Whichever form of printing one chooses to go for should also consider factors like the amount of temperature the label will be exposed to.  The last thing you want here is to end up with a label featuring texts that erase at the slightest increase in temperature or handling abrasion. The ink used should be indelible and non-toxic.


Labels are vital marketing tools. Their designs exude perfection. One should be able to but a product just by looking at the label design.  The bar and RF code must also fit into the label as though it is part of the initial label design. In short, your lip balm tube label should feature designs that stand out from the competition with ease.