food and beverage labeling
30 Nov
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Consumers look for different things when shopping. Some want their drinks laced with specific sugars. Others are particular about mundane things such as food coloring. Better yet, some prefer their favorite snacks and drinks packed in recyclable materials. Psychologists are not surprised by all these crazy demands. They understand how the human mind works and why some people want things done in specific ways as opposed to what a common man may deem normal. Either way, product labeling is today changing for the better courtesy of the following groups of people.

Organic Food Lovers

So much has been written about organic food. It is a healthier option? Is it good for children and the elderly? All these research studies and findings just show much people care for their health.  But that fact aside, there is an emerging lot of organic food lovers who cannot stand anything that wasn’t grown organically. This means good news to entrepreneurs as it means an emerging market with minimal competition. It also means good news to labeling service providers.  The aim here is not just to appeal to organic food lovers but also to their counterparts who do not think much of organic food. Your labels should be attractive and creative enough to lure and convince one to try organically grown food without trying too hard.


Vegans, just like organic food lovers want their products labeled clearly. It is important to note that this goes beyond what vegans believe in.  It is a health concern too with so many people today refraining from meat for health reasons. With that in mind, your product should feature clear labels on whether or not the product is vegan friendly. With such concerns on the increase, one can easily tell that in the near future labeling a product as ‘vegan friendly’ will be a legal requirement.


Everyone is concerned about the environment. Consumers today ditch products packed in non-recyclable packages in favor of products that are packed in eco-friendly and recyclable packaging. It is in fact unfair to state that this is an issue that concerns environmentalists only. Truth is, nearly all consumers today know the effects of plastics and other materials that are non-biodegradable. To that extend, it is safe to project that in a decade or two, plastic packaging will have been replaced by a cheaper and an eco-friendly alternative.


Children are specific. That explains why their products are always packed differently. Even products meant or designed for adults often have children’s safety at their core. That is why the law requires product labels to state how safe products are for children and what to do in case of ingestion where a product should not be consumed. Either way, it is hard to deny that children demand and command a considerable amount of product labeling and packaging. Their demands go beyond just colorful labels with superhero and cartoon characters.  Just like adults, they are also concerned about factors such as the environment.