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15 Oct
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Promotional labels are used to promote product sales, create awareness about a product or both. Not so many business owners realize that they can use promotional labels to encourage impulse buying or how they can go about it. Before printing promotional labels, you need to have a clear objective(s) why you need them. Once you have a clear objective(s) as to why you need promotional labels, you will then be able to choose the right type of promotional label to suit the objective(s).

In this article, we are going to highlight how you can increase your product sales by using promotional labels to encourage impulse buying. We will look at different types of promotional labels and how they can be used to lure consumers into buying products.

QR Code Labels

QR code labels can easily be incorporated in your products’ packaging to create customer engagement. Mostly, QR code labels are used to offer a link between the consumers and manufacturers. Most consumers are not interested in engaging with companies unless they know they will get something out of it. You can use your QR code to link consumers to your website where they can take part in sweepstakes to win prizes. To make sure they buy your product, they need to have a receipt number to participate in the sweepstake. This strategy has been proven to be successful and top companies apply it to increase product sales.

Coupon Labels

Consumers are known to be drawn to products with coupon labels since they can redeem them within the store. Coupon labels are mostly used as a point of sale strategy to encourage impulse buying. You need to ensure that your coupon labels are eye catching to attract attention. Use bold graphics and bright materials to ensure they can be spotted from a distance. For coupon labels to be effective, you need to use repositionable adhesives to ensure they can be peeled off easily to be used as instant redeemable coupons.

News Notes

News notes are a great way to inform prospective clients about a new product. They are most effective when you need to target a specific audience. News notes are removable stickers that are placed in newspapers, magazines, and direct mail marketing using repositionable adhesives. They can easily be peeled off and reapplied without damaging the newsprint. You can use news notes to inform consumers about your products to encourage impulse buying and correspondence.

Piggyback Labels

Piggyback labels comprise of a top layer that is applied using repositionable adhesives and a base layer that is permanently adhered to a product. Piggyback labels can be used as redeemable coupons. The top layer can be designed as coupons where consumers can use them to redeem items within the store. The piggyback coupons can also be used to encourage correspondence where consumers can use the top layer to apply on envelopes to respond back to a promotion.


These types of promotional labels are a great way to encourage impulse buying to promote product sales. You need to choose the type of promotional label that will work best for your products and ensure that you choose the best label material to suit your needs.